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"The Longest Running Pageant on Maui"

The very first Miss Maui Filipina Pageant began in 1959 as a fundraiser to raise money for scholarship.  We continue the tradition of providing scholarship funds to all contestants, however, the main purpose of this pageant, is to select one deserving young lady to represent the Filipino communty at public appearances throughout Maui and to promote her chosen platform.  We are proud to be able to teach all contestants the importance of their Filipino heritage and to provide them with life skills for use after the pageant.  Although this is a competition for the prestigious title of Miss Maui Filipina, our goal is to make sure that each contestant walks away with confidence and extreme pride in their Filipino Culture.    

The Miss Maui Filipina Pageant is not just about beauty, brains and talent.  You don't have to be a "Pageant Girl" in order to become Miss Maui Filipina.  It is about time management, being resourceful and making a committment to each phase of competition.  No pageant background is required.  An experienced group of individuals have committed themselves to coach each contestant in every aspect of the pageant.   Every qualified contestant has the potential, it is up to you to take that first step in to pageant life.  Win or lose, you will gain important tools for life after the pageant.  I am a living example of what the pageant has done for me.


Michelle L. Santos